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ObamaCare Crumbling, How to Defeat It 1374505153000

ObamaCare is in shambles. Yet, it is still one of the most powerful pro-abortion laws we have ever seen.  Today, how we can and must defeat it.


Israel Faces Fierce Attacks Worldwide

1464624000000 Israel faces fierce and deadly attacks from enemies worldwide. Join the conversation today as we fight to defend Israel from anti-Israel attacks.

We Must Stand With Israel Our Ally


1464364800000 Israel is our ally – the Jewish people, our friends. It is our duty to defend them. Today, why when threatened, the U.S. must take action to protect the state of Israel.

Join Me at the U.N. to Defend Israel


1464278400000 We're engaged in an epic and global battle at the United Nations for the State of Israel. We're going to present the case at the U.N. on why attacks on Israel is not only unjustified, but illegal. We...

We Have A Duty To Defend Israel


1464192000000 Israel is under constant deadly terrorist knife and rocket attacks. Israel is our ally. It is our duty to defend them. Today we discuss our new multi-national legal advocacy campaign to defend...