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The ACLJ is committed to remaining true to our principles, facing the challenges ahead, and getting results. Today, how we are moving forward with efforts on Capitol Hill and in the courts in defense of our constitutional freedoms.


All Eyes on New Jersey Train Crash


1475164800000 Death and injuries in New Jersey train crash. We take a closer look at the details. Also, corruption continues in DOJ scandal.

FBI Hands out Immunity Agreements


1475078400000 The FBI is handing out immunity agreements left and right. We discuss this and more today on the program.

Who Won the First Presidential Debate?


1474992000000 The team at the ACLJ breaks down the first presidential debate. This and more on today's program.

Candidates Prepare for Debate


1474905600000 The Presidential candidates prepare for tonight's debate. We discuss this and more on today's program.