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Take Action for Sergeant Martland

By ACLJ.org1454433146625

How can you help the ACLJ stand up for Sergeant First Class (SFC) Charles Martland? The U.S. Army is threatening to kick out this Green Beret war hero for defending a child from rape. SFC Martland took decisive action to protect a child. Now we must take action to defend him. ( You can read more of...

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SFC Martland’s Removal More Disturbing

By Wesley Smith1454618515414

I read this article detailing the lurid sexual abuse of children in Afghanistan with much pain and shock. It sheds disturbing light on Sergeant First Class (SFC) Charles Martland’s threatened removal from the military for intervening in a similar situation. I witnessed (while living in the Middle...

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Defend a Hero; Stop Child Sexual Abuse

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Pro-Abortion Messages Demean Women

By Palmer Williams1454710075910

Pro-abortion forces continue to bombard us with rhetoric that is profoundly dehumanizing to women, babies, and their opponents. This week alone, Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards has gone on the record calling babies a “ devastating consequence ” and suggesting that pro-life members of...

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Pakistani Police Tortures & Kills Christian

By Shaheryar Gill1454364758215

The European Center for Law and Justice’s (ECLJ) affiliate in Pakistan, the Organization for Legal Aid (OLA), is representing the family of Liaqat Masih, a Christian man who was brutally tortured and murdered by local police for supposedly stealing property from his Muslim employer, Raza Hameed.

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Election: Don't Overlook the Bureaucracy

By Jay Sekulow1454452784878

With the political season in high gear, it is clear Americans are concerned about the top issues like terrorism and the economy. And with the focus now squarely on the presidential race, it’s important to remember there’s another issue that demands the attention of all Americans – a burgeoning...

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Europe’s Assembly Recognizes ISIS Genocide

By Gregor Puppinck1454086154048

Earlier this week, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe voted nearly unanimously to declare that ISIS – the Islamic State – is committing genocide and other serious international crimes. This is a major step in the right direction toward protecting Christians and other religious...

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Pro Life

Abortion Safety Myth Punctured

By Walter M. Weber1454443439164

Have you heard the myth that abortion is safer than childbirth? Did you ever stop to think whether it makes sense to claim that an interruption of a natural process, using metal instruments, poisonous drugs, and/or powerful suction machines is somehow good for a person's health? On March 2, the...

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Bizarre, Backwards, and Baseless

By Jay Sekulow1453931160937

How could an unbiased and just legal investigation into the Planned Parenthood videos released last summer result in indictments for the investigative journalists but not for Planned Parenthood? There’s only one answer – it couldn’t. The indictment of these pro-life investigative journalists – who...

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Tens of Thousands March for Life

By Palmer Williams1453840207523

As the historic blizzard began to pummel Washington, D.C. on Friday afternoon, tens of thousands of pro-life advocates poured on to the National Mall to take a stand for life. Despite the frigid temperatures and the blinding snow, the March for Life made its way down the streets of our nation’s...

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Pro-Life Journalists Indictment Troubling

By Jay Sekulow1453832073775

The refusal of a local grand jury in Texas to indict Planned Parenthood for its scheme to sell baby parts is very troubling. The matter is made even worse by the same Harris County, TX grand jury’s bizarre decision to instead indict two pro-life investigative journalists who exposed Planned...

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Human Rights

ACLJ Urges Intervention for War Hero

By Benjamin P. Sisney1454687565520

We’re gaining momentum in our work on behalf of Bronze Star Medal recipient, Green Beret Sergeant First Class (SFC) Charles Martland, who is set for expulsion from the United States Army for protecting a young child from extreme sexual abuse at the hands of an Afghan commander. We’ve reported on...

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Speaking for Sergeant Martland

By Skip Ash1454364184614

We’re taking direct action in defense of a war hero who honorably came to the aid of a child facing unthinkable sexual abuse. Sergeant First Class (SFC) Charles Martland could be kicked out of the Army any day now. Why? Because this Green Beret war hero, awarded the Bronze Star Medal for valor,

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Sergeant Martland Needs Your Voice

By Jay Sekulow1454001502060

There has just been a disturbing development in the case of a soldier – a war hero – who is facing removal from the military for defending a child from abuse. Green Beret Non-Commissioned Officer Sergeant First Class (SFC) Charles Martland needs you to speak up for him now more than ever after the...

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Genocide: "A Problem From Hell"

By Harry G. Hutchison1451922202105

In her recent prize-winning book, “ A Problem from Hell”: America and the Age of Genocide , UN Ambassador Samantha Power argues forcefully that genocide is emboldened by U. S. inaction. Surveying recent world history that includes the killing fields of Rwanda and Cambodia and Europe’s largest...

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